Date - 2013-07-23 
 Rev Bempah cautions Kwesi Pratt 

Founder and leader of Glorious Word Power Ministries International,
Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah has advised Kwesi Pratt Jnr, Managing Editor of
the Insight newspaper, to evaluate his utterances about men of God.

“It is dangerous for Kwesi Pratt to be hiding behind politics to demean men
of God for reasons best known to him. He should know that God cannot be

Mr. Pratt reportedly said Pastor Mensah Otabil, founder and General
Overseer of ICGC of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) was
suffering from ‘high fever’ in a reaction to his recent declaration.

“I have a sense of heaviness in my spirit concerning the destiny of this
country that there is something heavy ready to fall upon this country that,
if we don’t take charge of that we will be in a different state a month
from now,” Pastor Otabil told his congregation at Christ Temple on Sunday,
July 14, 2013.

Even though Mr. Pratt has since denied making disparaging comments about
Pastor Otabil, Bishop Owusu Bempah told DAILY GUIDE that the attacks on men
of God by so-called social commentators and surrogates of political parties
must cease.

“Men of God, including myself have become targets and you have these people
raining insults on us anytime we try to offer our opinions on national

“We should not take some of these prophesies for granted. We have
politicized everything and it is affecting our country seriously.”

Bishop Bempah urged all pastors to speak against the ills in society,
adding, “For instance, I will not be perturbed because one day my maker
would want to know from me why I did not speak out when things were going

Turning to the ongoing presidential election petition, Bishop Bempah made a
passionate appeal to the nine justices hearing the case to consider Ghana
first and deliver justice that will be acceptable for all the parties in
the petition.

“Ghana’s destiny at the moment is in the hands of the judges and I they
will not let the people of God down.

“I know our eminent judges are capable of delivering justice and we will
continue to ask for God’s special protection for them to work hard and put
Ghana on a sound footing.”

He said “there is a lot at stake in this case and we have to prepare
ourselves toward the day of the verdict.”

 Source - Daily Guide   


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